I live in the town of Day located in northern Saratoga County New York and mostly Deer Hunt  the local woods and I belong to the Tri-City Woodsmen Assoication Inc. and we have a 2200 acre Lyme  Timber Lease in Edinburg, N.Y. which is off Turner Road in the Town of Day and is part of the Adirondack Park.

Here are some of the Deer that came off the Mountain.

 Bill Watters 15 pointer taken in the town of Edinburg 11/11/2015 Scored 175 B&C with a weight of 157.5

Dan Looman's 6 pointer 11/27/14

Jim  Looman's 6 pointer 11/28/14

Eirc Powell's 9 pointer taken on 11/29/14

Bill Watters 138 lb 11 pointer taken on 11/26/14

Dan Looman with his  130 lb 8 pointer shot on 11/30/13

Scott Bishop and his 142lb 8 Pointer shot on 10/27/13

Jim Looman took these 2 Does on Oct 17th 2013

Dan Looman 12/4/11 121lb 7 pointer

another photo 7 pointer 12/4/11


Jim Looman and Marty Baylies ( the Thief )

with Jims 178.5 LB 9 Pointer taken on 11/20/2010

Another photo of Jim's 9 pointer

Jeff Gray and  his 2010 10 pointer with the Dewey Woods Gang

Dan Looman with his 117lb 5 pointer taken on 11/27/2008

Jim Looman with his 158lb 9pointer taken on 11/02/2008

Dan Looman 148 lb 8 pointer taken on 11/27/2007

Dale Dewild 2008 6 pointer

Jeramy Morel 8 pointer 12/07/2008

Mike Laboissiere 2008 10 pointer

Mark Levendusky 2008 4 pointer

Rick Hart 2008 8 pointer his 1st ADK Buck

Tommy Gray 2008 8 pointer also his 1st ADK Buck

Tom Spadiaro's  2008 8 pointer

Jim Looman's 2007 8 pointer

Joe Rings 2007 takes his 1st ADK Buck

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